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We’re looking for people who fly spaceships and wear titanium underpants. Preferably in that order.

Support Engineer

Our customer base is growing quickly, and we want your combination of tech and people skills to help our customers solve problems and get the most out of MongoHQ.

If you are a developer, and know how to help developers with technical questions, we want to talk to you. You will be most effective if you have an inquisitive nature, love to learn, can read and tweak source code written in a variety of languages, and understand how to approach and solve problems from a customer's perspective.

This is the perfect position for a smart hacker who wants to gain experience at a customer-focused infrastructure startup. Spending time with our customers and product will let you improve your tech chops vastly, and should be solid preparation for a high-end distributed systems engineering position (we need those too, so if you start on support and do a great job, there's a huge amount of room for growth).

Hopefully, this sounds like you. If you want to talk to us about the engineering problems we help customers with every day, send an email to and we'll pass along work samples so you can get a feel for the day to day work.

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Company Benefits

We offer the standard suite of benefits, along with some unique perks. You can choose to work out of one of our two offices (do you like amazing weather? or amazing BBQ?), or work from home.

Office Locations

Our two main offices are located in San Mateo, California and Birmingham, Alabama, with a whole buncha remote workers errywhur else.

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Our Philosophy

We're helping developers make better database decisions. Developers are happiest when they can focus on shipping. We help by taking good care of their databases, and teaching them how to get the most from their data.