Jobs at Compose

Want a new gig? We’re looking for people who fly spaceships and wear titanium underpants.

Platform Engineer

We need crafty engineers to help build the Compose Platform. The platform team is responsible for building and enhancing our database operations platform, which means fun systems problems — container orchestration, distributed computing, high volume data sync. If you’re interested in creating powerful data wrangling tools for thousands of developer teams worldwide, we want to talk to you. You’ll do best here if you can work without much oversight, reason about complex systems, and break big problems down into manageable pieces. Our infrastructure is primarily Ruby and Golang, though we don’t think you necessarily need experience with either language and are happy to let you learn as you go (assuming you’re good at all the important stuff).

What we hope you’re good at

  • Distributed systems
  • Self-managing. We don’t have managers ... product management is up to the engineers
  • Can coordinate with other groups (marketing, support, and writers) along the way
  • Like databases of all flavors (if you look down on the word "NoSQL", that’s good)

Tooting of horns

We do things different and have fun in the process. We work in the open, with honesty, and free from debbie downers (except memes). Ideas are always welcomed, best of all, you can explore an idea without the need to "run it by the boss". We work remotely, always have, always will. For us, it’s about working with others who are just as passionate as we are regardless of location or timezone.

We’ve got BIG plans (not Big Data) for the next generation of applications and developers. It’s going to be challenging, sometimes-stressful, and incredibly rewarding.

Would you like to know more?

Email us at and and share a story about a database you’ve used what you loved or hated about it. We’ll reply as quickly as we can, and then get going on our hiring process. We hire a bit differently than you may be used to in an effort to minimize our own bias as much as possible. This means we’re going to start by showing you some of what we work on, and asking you to dig through it and do a little development. There are two reasons for this: it gives you a chance to see if what we’re doing is right for you, and it lets us see your work "anonymously". It’s a big thing for us to ask, we know, and we’ll spend as much time as you’d like talking to you to make you comfortable with the process.

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Business Systems Developer

Developing software appeals to those who love to solve puzzles and apply their brain power -- and also to those, in our experience, who like working from home in their pyjamas. It is often said that one of the trickiest accomplishments in the development world is imagining, building and maintaining a complex and interconnected mental model of your entire infrastructure within your working memory. If you have experience applying this mental feat within some type of Software-as-a-Service, we have a tremendous challenge for you and a terrific team willing and able to support you through it.

At Compose, we measure the value we provide to our customers by counting the time we spend helping them host powerful, stable, and secure production calibre databases to build their applications upon. Our billing system is an important part of our overall architecture and it touches every interaction within the users experience. Within your new role, you'll be helping us develop and improve upon this vital process - you'll need to have a sound understanding of how to meld diligent financial information together with organized coding and analysis.

We're experiencing exciting growth at Compose and we're looking for someone to own a big piece of our puzzle. Our billing and financial data informs major company decisions as it ties directly into customer usage; you'll work alongside the CEO of the Compose group within IBM, and will engage with our finance, product, and customer relationship teams.

Technical things we hope you're good at (or can become excellent at):

  • Ruby: Fluent in Ruby. Our current systems are written in Ruby with heavy reliance on Ruby on Rails for presentation layers.
  • API: Create and design an internal billing API that's logical and intuitive.
  • System Design: Create a distributed, fault tolerant, non-linear system. You'll need to work with Stripe and other similar payment processing APIs.
  • Database Schemas & Queries: Build, iterate, and speak with precision on data used to generate reports.
  • Data Manipulation: Work with a treasure trove of vital data. Imagine and then execute quick report prototypes -- utilizing Excel, R, or a similar data sharing platform.

We're excited to see what sort of character will wind up in this role... a few helpful traits include:

  • Financial & SaaS Literacy: Speak and comprehend financial terms related to billing and software development: revenue, churn, invoices, refunds, and collections -- all of these things.
  • Self Starter: We're a flat organization that gives you the respect and responsibility to operate with minimal supervision and management. Loose structure is not for everyone.
  • Detail Oriented: Billing and finance. You'll need to work with precision... and enjoy a nice and tricky edge case.

Think you're a match?

Email us at and share a story about a database you've used and what you loved or hated about it - bonus points if it includes some sort of nifty financial tie-in. We'll reply as quickly as we can, and then get going on our hiring process.

We know this is a different process than you're used to, but it's all part of an effort to minimize our own biases as much as possible. If you're the best person for the job, we want to take away all our human filters and allow you to show it. We respect a fancy education or a list of spectacular previous accomplishments, but nothing is more impressive than the right combination of ingredients - which you can objectively demonstrate.

We understand that a complex introductory work sample is a big first request, and so we'll spend as much time as you'd like talking with you to make sure you are comfortable with the process and feel that you're being treated fairly and with respect.

We look forward to meeting you!

Please note: At this time we are only able to accept candidates in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Company Benefits

We offer the standard suite of benefits, along with some unique perks. You can choose to work out of one of our two offices (do you like amazing weather? or amazing BBQ?), or work from home.

  • Competitive salary
  • Amazing benefits
  • Working with the smartest team in town (especially if you work remote!)
  • Easy access to public transit (or, work at home)
  • Dog-friendly (crocodile friendly if you work from home)

Office Locations

Our two main offices are located in San Mateo, California and Birmingham, Alabama, with remote employees in South Africa, Canada, and many places in between.

Office location map
The Compose Flag

Our Hiring Process

We keep our hiring process pretty straightforward and it’s better than what you’re used to. We start with sample exercises. These are real-world problems our team handles every day. They show you what work at Compose is like (so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you) and your responses show us how you work (and we can see how you’d fit at Compose).

After we get your sample exercises back and our team objectively looks over them (they don’t know anything about applicants, they just see the samples), we’ll schedule a group interview (usually over Google Hangout). Once that’s behind you, you get a second interview with more Compose folks, and then the possibility of an offer. The whole process is pretty quick and usually done within a few weeks. Pretty cool, right?